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Tailor made order for @HuaLian (5 items)

1. Green ribbon earrings
(we will slightly change a bit of the detail to allow it to remain unique as agreed via email :) the overall color tone and feeling would remain the same.)

2. Pink & Red checked ribbon clip (large)
right - HKD$920

3. Red ribbon clip (bobby pins excluded)

4. Pink ribbon earrings

5. Green ribbon earrings (to pair with item 1, bow size similar to items 2&3) 
"With Same Lace and color style (green, yellow, light green cream white pink= easter color lol). Base of bow style similar to the pink bow [picture attached]. Base of hair bow color doesnt have to be pink. Add bling bling dangle like the earrings butterfies  crystals roses "

Tailor made order for @HuaLian (5 items)