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➆ Floral Crown Metal Ring Set (9 Designs)


➆ Floral Crown Metal Ring Set (9 Designs)

戒指組合新鮮登陸本次IG LIVE!




𝟙. 藍蓮花4件銅鍍銀戒指套裝 HKD890

𝟚. 玫瑰靛櫻3件銅鍍玫瑰金戒指套裝 HKD750
Chain : 4CM

𝟛. 富貴蓮漸變鋯石愛心4件銅鍍玫瑰金戒指套裝 HKD850
Chain : 5CM

𝟜. 向日葵紅玫瑰3件銅鍍金戒指套裝 HKD810
Chain : 4CM

𝟝. 小雛菊蝴蝶3件銅鍍金戒指套裝 HKD720
Chain : 4.5CM

𝟞. 雀舌草向日葵雞蛋花3件銅鍍銀戒指套裝 HKD750
Chain : 5CM

𝟟. 芙蓉花雞蛋花3件銅鍍金戒指套裝 HKD780
Chain : 6CM

𝟠. 扶桑花小繡球2件銅鍍玫瑰金戒指套裝 HKD550
Chain : 5CM

𝟡. 睡蓮小繡球3件銅鍍玫瑰金戒指套裝 HKD690
Chain : 4.5CM


Material | 材料

Swarovski Crystal | Natural Quartz | Japanese Glass Bead | Silver-plated Ornament | 14K Gold-plated Ring
施華洛世奇水晶 | 天然水晶 | 日本玻璃珠 | 鍍14K金吊墜 | 鍍14K金/玫瑰金/銀開口戒指


Finishing | 加工

Fading Resistant | Anti-allergy
防脫色 | 防敏感

Size | 大小
Self-adjustable Freesize


Packaging | 包裝
All products will be nicely and carefully packed in our wooden box.
我們會備有精美木盒包裝 ,為產品提供最完善的保護。
Tailormade | 個人化訂造
A complimentary 2-month warranty included in each purchase. Customisation after purchase is welcomed. (size, length, etc.) 
Please visit our concept store to enjoy your warranty service. 
客人購入作品後可享兩個月產品保養,歡迎親臨Pamycarie K11概念店進行長度/大小更改。 

Pamycarie, Shop B218, B2 Floor, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong 

香港九龍尖沙咀河內道18K11 B2B218店鋪 11AM-930PM | (852) 2659 8138
Handcrafted in Hong Kong | 產地香港 手工製作

All products are made-to-order. 
Please note that each of the handcrafted products is unique and may slightly vary from website images. 
We will make sure to only deliver perfections to our customers. 

Purchased item(s) will be shipped out within 10-14 business days. For urgent orders, please kindly contact us to check inventory before placing your orders.

You may choose to pick up your parcel at our stores or have the parcel mailed by HK Post or SF Express. 

➆ Floral Crown Metal Ring Set (9 Designs)