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Camellia Watercolor & Gold Tattoo Sticker Set (2PCS)


Introduction | 關於

Pamycarie費時費神,用雙手創造出獨有風格。 我們秉持著兩個理念:美麗、獨特,所以一直堅持親手設計及製作商品,亦歡迎客製化,選擇最愛的花搭配最美的色調,希望每位都可以找到專屬於自己的美麗。




Size | 大小
Each sticker sized A5.


How to Apply | 如何使用

1. Remove the protective transparent foil. Make sure that skin is CLEAN and DRY before application. Use cotton pads and alcohol to remove any trace of oil/lotion/dirt from the skin. (This is the most important step if you want your tattoos to stay on longer.)
2. Crop out the image with scissors and place the design face down onto the desired area and place a wet cloth/ sponge firmly onto the paper. 
3. Hold for around 30 seconds and then gently slide the paper off. 


Remarks | 備注

This is an anti-allergy-tested product. However, we encourage you to test on a small patch of skin before applying more liberally. If a skin reaction occurs, it's usually a mild case of "contact dermatitis", where you're left with a light red outline of the design on your skin as the tattoo fades. It's generally itchy for a few days and fades away over time. 


Tailormade | 個人化訂造
All kinds of customisation are available at Pamycarie. (color, type, style, size, etc.)
Please contact our staff via chatbox / email to / visit our offline store. Address: Pamycarie, Shop B218, B2 Floor, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


Camellia Watercolor & Gold Tattoo Sticker Set (2PCS)