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โ‘ฉ Autumn Breeze Phone Stand (9 Designs)


โ‘ฉ Autumn Breeze Phone Stand (9 Designs)

10CM(W) x 6CM(L) x 2CM(T)

Tired of holding your phone while watching videos? Try this calming floral design phone case. Real flowers are preserved in clear resin featuring a colored base.

Design {๐Ÿ™}

Design {๐Ÿš}

Design {๐Ÿ›}

Design {๐Ÿœ}

Design {๐Ÿ}

Design {๐Ÿž}

Design {๐ŸŸ}

Design {๐Ÿ }

Design {๐Ÿก}


โœงย Every piece inย the shop was made in several casting steps, sanded and polished by hand. Only genuine dried flowers and plants were used.

โœงย Our high-qualityย Eco-friendly resin doesn't have any smell to it and isย safe for our health.

โœงย Each Piece might possibly containย small air holesย due to the natural cause of the making process. They will not affect its usage but please kindly consult before purchasing if you'd like to double-check.

ย The color of the surface will not fade, butย long exposure under sunlight may cause a slight change into a warmer color tone.

โœงย Resin is aย very strong & lightย material andย it will not break easily.

โœงย All resin items will be shipped in protective wrapping.

Please note that each of the handcrafted products is unique and may slightly vary from one another.ย We will make sure to only deliver perfections to our customers.ย 

This is a made-to-order item. Ordersย will be shipped out withinย 30ย days. For urgent orders, please kindly contact us to check inventory before placing your orders.
้€™ๆ˜ฏๆŽฅๅ–ฎ่จ‚่ฃฝ็š„ไฝœๅ“๏ผŒไธ‹ๅ–ฎๅพŒ30ๅคฉๅ…ง็™ผๅ‡บใ€‚่‹ฅๅธŒๆœ›ๆŸฅ่ฉข็พ่ฒจ๏ผๆ€ฅไปถ๏ผŒ่ซ‹ๆ–ผไธ‹ๅ–ฎๅ‰้ ๅ…ˆ่ฏ็ตกๆˆ‘ๅ€‘็ขบ่ชๅญ˜่ฒจ้‡ใ€‚

You may choose to pick up your parcel at our stores or have the parcel mailed by HK Post or SF Express.
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โ‘ฉ Autumn Breeze Phone Stand (9 Designs)