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New Designs - Laced Embroidery

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"What do I truly possess?"

Little Bunny KURA was a forgotten doll. She always came so close to being taken home, only to be abandoned at the last moment. One by one, the other toys on the shelf were taken away, and she was left in a lonely corner.

Occasionally, some children would notice her, pick her up, hold her, but ultimately they would always put her back down, walk away, leaving her to face the solitude once again. For long days, she waited alone on the shelf, hoping someone would truly bring her home, hoping to be loved by someone, hoping to be owned by someone.


    2024 Sakura Collection

  • KURA

    Brand new character created by Pamycarie.


2024 Sakura Collection


Brand new character created by Pamycarie.

Until one day, no new companions were placed on the shelf.

Until the store's closing time, KURA was finally sent into a huge warehouse, out of people's sight, into a completely unfamiliar environment.

She envied the feeling of being owned, she wished someone would give her a new name, but that opportunity always eluded her. Since no one would rename her, she decided to change it herself, naming herself "KURA," similar to the warehouse's name, destined to live in the warehouse for a very long time.

  • The Bouquet Earrings

  • Ribbon Hair Clip

  • Ribbon Headband

The Bouquet Earrings

Ribbon Hair Clip

Ribbon Headband

In front of the warehouse door stood a cherry blossom tree. Before the blossoms bloomed, KURA didn't even know it was a cherry blossom tree because it was just a bare tree branch. She would never forget the awe she felt the first time she saw the cherry blossoms bloom.

  • Phone Strap

  • Collar

  • Long Necklace

Phone Strap


Long Necklace

Sitting quietly under the cherry blossom tree, KURA watched as the petals danced in the air. Amidst the beauty of the blooming sakura, her heart was filled with longing and desire for this sea of flowers, yet she knew she could never truly possess it. She was destined to be a forever spectator.

But then, a thought crossed her mind. If she focused only on what she had and what she couldn’t have, she would miss out on many precious moments that were happening in the present – like the beauty in front of her, the splendor of the cherry blossoms, the gentle breeze that brushed against her face.

As the sakura petals fell, KURA felt a mix of emotions. Sadness because this beauty was fleeting, but also joy because she was able to witness this moment of magnificence. She silently counted down to the end of the cherry blossoms’ beauty, savoring the pride and emotion of the moment. The sakura knew its beauty was temporary, but it was this transience that made it one of the most anticipated sights of spring.

KURA caught a falling petal in her palm, trying to hold onto it tightly, yet feeling life slip away bit by bit. She realized that nothing in life could be possessed permanently - they were only temporary guests in one's life, bringing joy and emotion. Learning to cherish the beauty before us, every moment is a gift worth treasuring.

We may never truly possess anything, but we can embrace every moment in life.

  • Cupid's Arrow

  • KURA Earrings

  • Crystal Beaded Bangle

Cupid's Arrow

KURA Earrings

Crystal Beaded Bangle

Sakura blossoms, blue skies, small bridges, flowing rivers.

It is our hope to present a tranquil and beautiful landscape before your eyes.

In the spring of 2024, a new star emerged in the world of plush toys – the petite rabbit KURA! Created by Pamycarie, KURA is a forgotten toy rabbit who grows gradually through every moment of self-doubt, exuding a gentle yet steadfast power. Adding a touch of cuteness to the Sakura series, KURA's design in soft pink is both gentle and noble, reminiscent of a delicate young lady, exuding exquisite elegance without being ostentatious, radiating a subtle and enchanting beauty.

The highlight of this creation is the addition of embroidery craftsmanship, bringing forth a simple and adorable charm. Though embroidery is flat, it instantly becomes rich and dimensional through the adornment of accessories!

The series mainly features single-layer sakura flowers formed by five petals, with a simple and direct shape that upgrades the flower-making process, crafting petals in a more delicate manner to evoke an elegant and ethereal sakura bloom. Light and delicate petals are embellished with various gradient colors, presenting rare blue-purple sakura blossoms of dreamlike beauty. Additionally, the collection includes double-layer sakura flowers with a mix of gold foil, exuding a luxurious and opulent charm.