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Scenery | 夢境幻象 by Pamela Yung



繞,是製作傳統工藝時的一個重要技法。飾物繞線、銅線繞字、中國繩結等工藝,也用到繞這個技法。繞,可以令到物料彎曲,變成優美的弧線。而弧線能組合成有活力的形狀,形成像花卉和植物一樣的有機形態。受到新藝術運動工藝品的啟發,Pamela 用繞線工藝將大自然帶到現代空間中。用銅線和樹脂膠繞出花燈盆景,藉此在室內空間營造各種氣氛。

“Dear love, for nothing less than thee
Would I have broke this happy dream;
It was a theme
For reason, much too strong for fantasy,
Therefore thou wak’d’st me wisely; yet
My dream thou brok’st not, but continued’st it.”
The Dream, by John Donne
Trust what you feel.
Everyone has a fantasy in the mind, like a utopia inside their hearts. The hand crafted floral light installation presented the fantasyland of the artist. A garden, full of surreal flowers. Feel it. Is this a world of illusion......?
Inspired by Art Nouveau artefacts, Pamela brings nature into modern spaces with the curving wire art. Flower lanterns were curved by copper wire and resin in a form of bonsai landscape, in order to fit in modern living space. Lantern bonsai retains the shape of natural flowers, but the proportions and colors are surreal, so then creating a small garden that seems to be true and false.
Curving, is an important technique in making traditional crafts. Curving is extensively used in traditional crafts like Ornament wire-art accessories, wire calligraphies - and Chinese knots. By curving, the material can be bent into different curvature and turned into beautiful arcs, can then create ornaments in organic forms, such as flowers and plants.

Handcrafted resin floral light installation
30cm(W) x 30cm(L) x 80cm(H)