I see art not as the pursuit of knowledge or cultural sophistication, but a quest for intuition, a reverberation of our most authentic sensitivities and an invaluable treasure. Utilising the artistry of montage, I’ve reconstructed dual identities that dwell within me. In this process of creation, they are marked by different sensations, yet share an undercurrent of identical intuitive essence. These entities, powered by myriad modes of thought, influence and impinge upon each other’s decisions and actions. In a harmonized duality, they parallel each other’s journey, resonating in their collective pursuit of intuition.


我眼中的藝術並非追求知識或文化修煉,而是直覺的追尋,最真摯感知的回響,以及無價之寶。 藉由蒙太奇的藝術手法,我重新塑造了心中兩種的自我形象。在創作過程中,儘管她們體驗著不同的感受,卻共享著相同的直覺本質。這些由眾多思維模式驅動的實體,互相影響並干預對方的決策與行動。這種和諧的雙重性使她們並行,共鳴於直覺的追尋。


Instinct, 2023
1 minute 48 seconds
Dimensions variable


Montage film by @yyycarrie
Wardrobe from @pamycarie