Dreams are the sweetest moments, among which 'daydreams' possess a legendary charm. I materialize these 'daydreams', turning them into visual specimens to explore and examine the subconscious images hidden within my mind. I record the snippets from my everyday dreams. These seemingly trivial, purposeless happenings are not scientifically scrutinized for their meaning or conclusion; instead, the focus is on the joy they bring. I create fun for myself, without seeking approval from others. I relish all of this, much like I savor every moment of life.


夢幻總是最甜美的時光,其中「白日夢」尤具傳奇般的魔力。將這些「白日夢」具象化、標本化,然後從新的角度去探索和審視這些深藏在腦海中的潛意識畫面。 我將每天發白日夢時的點滴記錄下來。這些看似瑣碎無足輕重、沒有目的的小事情,我並沒有科學般地試圖去尋找其意義或結論,而是專注於從中獲得的快樂。我為自己創造樂趣,享受這一切,即使一切的幻想已經天馬行空到不同的維度,也一樣享受人生的每一刻。 所以命名短片的名稱是「夢維」,生理行為夢遺的夢、dimension維度的維。


夢維, 2023
3 minute 51 seconds
Dimensions variable


Wardrobe from @pamycarie
Montage video by @yyycarrie